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A taste of summer





some random shots around the studio,







works in progress


and some fin-ished stuff = 4×6, 4×4, 4×6, and the last one is a little guy








thanks for watching !

Whatza Circus without a Clown cAr?

It’s been exactly one week since Fun Key Town had touchdown in Driggs.
The crew was off for a few daze almost as soon as I arrived so I had sum time to unload and generally engage in my favorite meditation =
WTF ? ? just happened ? ? ?

2013-08-03 15.31.22

Back in the saddle. On the one side we did manage to clear the area (somewhat) and set up some sweet workspaces
= shady side AM + shady side PM =

2013-08-03 12.06.56

On the other side the clown car continues to be packed tighter and tighter

2013-08-03 15.13.24

Open check stir re-mix re-new re-cap is the order of the day
but then how can you look at all these surfaces and not get
some paint flowin’?

2013-08-05 06.50.22

So we did ~ a few whack jobs from ‘two yahoos in a barn’™ kinda like a drive-by shooting without all the blood and dead bodies N stuff.

2013-08-05 06.49.20

2013-08-04 12.34.34

with Sofia Mavrides from 8 years ago

2013-08-04 12.36.10

2013-08-01 18.42.42

So far so good ~ just getting started

Reno to Driggs All Nighter

One of the great things about driving all night through the desert is the chance to catch an early sunrise especially when heading east ~

2013-07-29 04.50.52

Idaho Falls with about an hour to go was feeling pretty good

2013-07-30 18.24.36

but after the excitement of arriving in Driggs the rest of the day was pretty much a daze

2013-07-30 11.38.48

So yesterday we finally got serious about unloading the truck

2013-07-30 18.31.26

and claiming some space in the garage

2013-07-30 18.32.32

So now we’ll be setting up some tents and workspaces so we can start putting those two yahoos in the barn to work.

2013-07-30 19.07.26

End of the first full day ~


funky town goes viral


and the garage takes shape

garage too

the stage is set


monday AM the stew dents arrive ~

it real eye should be a supercoolsummerschool

I know it will be for me.

TarGet Date ~ bring figs = 4/20

lips 1c

Seems like the calendar has finally settle down to an exit strategy aka date & time 4/20 @ 11am ~ ish

hood 3-27 018

more deets 2 follow

yard 3

cLown cAR

   yard birds 1

Like co-eds in a phone booth swallowing gold fish ~ the evidence of 10 years of art projects/classes spewed into the yard.

 the jewes

Thanks to the cuzzin krew for manning the life boats ~ I’d still be bobbin for oysters without them.


yard 4

And thanks to you gentle readers ~ my advice is that all advice is suspect – which is to say I am certainly uncertain. That sound familiar?

So with a little help ingesting my ADMR of chaos ~ a few glimmers of something or ‘other’ came shining through

Count down to Santa Rosa = stay tuned.