Mo D Tails on the Old Ground: Hitting the ‘Jackpot’

The Great Basin Desert tourism destinationsDriving across the Great Basin is like visiting another planet ~ and yet we still had the cruise control and the AC on so still rather earth-like American style.
Once you enter Idaho everything changes.

welcome to Idaho

Just before that there’s Jackpot Nevada ~ the town that gambling made = right on the Idaho border it gives the ‘Nawthenners’ a chance to confront the vaunted ‘one armed bandit’ ~

jackpot And just before that, just 1 mile south of town heading north on Rt-93 right on the Nevada-Idaho border, there’s a sweet little rest stop just 1 mile south of town  that I’ve hit every time I drive thru the area which has been quite often recently ~

I pulled in at night and got up just in time to catch the moon ‘set’

2013-08-24 05.22.22

It is up against a shear rock wall in a little canyon and is an excellent place to rest up & regroup.

2013-08-24 05.29.04

Heading on towards Idaho Falls along I-15 there are a couple of great stops to consider. First about 30 miles south near Blackfoot right next to the Walmart is Jenson Grove Park ~ a rockin’ little park and playground for the kids that you can see from the Hyway.


If that’s not your style there are lava fields that are great to scramble around on at a rest stop about 15 miles further up the road towards Idaho Falls ~ and there’s a State Park nearby as well.


Then there is the Snake River to explore too. Since on most of my recent trips I’ve been going through this area at night it was a real pleasure to see suma the sites during the day.


Back at Art Camp now for the start of a new 4 weeks session ~ more about it over here



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