Covering old ground

Picture 8_0

Is it ever really possible? Unless we’re not paying attention ~ but if so, then how can anything be old?


I am crossing the Great Basin for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. Most of it at night so haven’t scene much of this yet . . .


. . . but I have seen a bit of this along the way.


It’s the very definition of ‘wide open spaces’ ~ it really does tend to e x p a n d
yer mind . . .


. . . and it still  B L O W S  my mind to imagine that the first settlers traversed country like this . . .

researchOTpg4_wagon . . . in one of these . . . God Bless the man that invented Cruise Control
(and AC) see ya in Idaho by Sunday PM . . .


. . . meanwhile I’ll be cooling my heals right here for a coupla daze thanks to my good friend Ace


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