Whatza Circus without a Clown cAr?

It’s been exactly one week since Fun Key Town had touchdown in Driggs.
The crew was off for a few daze almost as soon as I arrived so I had sum time to unload and generally engage in my favorite meditation =
WTF ? ? just happened ? ? ?

2013-08-03 15.31.22

Back in the saddle. On the one side we did manage to clear the area (somewhat) and set up some sweet workspaces
= shady side AM + shady side PM =

2013-08-03 12.06.56

On the other side the clown car continues to be packed tighter and tighter

2013-08-03 15.13.24

Open check stir re-mix re-new re-cap is the order of the day
but then how can you look at all these surfaces and not get
some paint flowin’?

2013-08-05 06.50.22

So we did ~ a few whack jobs from ‘two yahoos in a barn’™ kinda like a drive-by shooting without all the blood and dead bodies N stuff.

2013-08-05 06.49.20

2013-08-04 12.34.34

with Sofia Mavrides from 8 years ago

2013-08-04 12.36.10

2013-08-01 18.42.42

So far so good ~ just getting started


2 responses to “Whatza Circus without a Clown cAr?

  1. Turns out my favorite meditation is also = “WTF ? ? just happened ? ? ? Who woulda thunk it????

  2. Nice, oh so nice to see the paint flowing! And the whole scene 🙂 Time and space for it all.

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