Fun Key Town Road Show

cant seem to shake the theme song from the ole Beverly Hillbillies outa my head but it somehow seems quite appropriate

2013-07-27 11.48.10

you can tell by the angle of the rear end that this baby comes fully loaded ~


got a little heated coming over the pass but nothun this 12 mpg 98 Dodge Ram couldn’t handle.

2013-07-25 15.33.14

We got this clowncar on the road yesterday leaving behind nary a trace at Saint Rose’s rehab center and home for wayward artists.

2013-07-25 15.32.12

everything is all buttoned up for now waiting for the next move

2013-07-25 15.32.56almost like we was never there

2013-07-25 15.36.10

Next stop Idaho Art Camp for a Two Yahoos In a Barn Revival ~ stay tuned for more info


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