mobile global mogul

wide open spaces2

I think in some ways all we are searching for is some wide open spaces ~ either in the country side or in nature but mainly what we are trying for is just some more space in our own minds.


It doesn’t seem like too much to ask for and yet it doesn’t come naturally either. Trying too hard defeats the purpose and not trying enough produces nothing.


Somebody on wonna them shows ~ you know the ones ~ said that if everyone in the world were living by our standards ~ US that is ~ the earth could support up to 1.5 billion people at that level.
So at 7 billion plus that obviously aint gonna happen.

my back yard

I don’t know how ya figger stuff like that out but I gotta say even if you kin quibble with the numbers it don’t take much to see that we got it way better than most ~ and if most started doing it like we do – they’d be one hellova traffic jam on Monday.


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