What chew mean “WE” kimo sabe?

bellows_stag_at_sharkeys_1909Transitions are always delicate ~ and best undertaken with a large dose of grace & if you can manage it – sum humility.

But then again = things happen. While it is true that everything is always changing (feel free to turn off the annoying sound track) sometimes we don’t ~ or more specifically our attitudes don’t.

“But what if I am right? Then I shouldn’t change, right? Wrong. Right and Wrong are also always changing. Not seeing this is how wars get started and US seems to be purty good at that.

Like the man says: “How did our oil get underneath their sand?” Right?
Mostly we are fighting over real estate and according to recent reports = The Market Is UP ! ! !

2012-07-20 19.24.04

So anyways ~ here is a shot of me at my new job

. . . coming soon to a street corner near you.


2 responses to “What chew mean “WE” kimo sabe?

  1. Interesting cultural differences at play here. In India, an old bearded dude sitting on the ground in the street is called a holy man. Meanwhile, back here in the States, if we see a bearded old dude sitting on the street, we call them a bum (or if we’re being kind, we might call them homeless.)

  2. I think you get all 3 at once in the value pack on isle 5

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