The eNd of an Area

Somehow we carved out a little space of humanity in the middle of a hustling world.


People came from Nepal to Hawaii. Not because it was our destination ~  but because it was a safe place for the kids to play and grow and learn. One of the last.


So this rag-tag group of characters along with a handful of European mutts found something rare and beyond the scope of monetization. In short: a community.

With a name like Robin Hood Manor though (we called it the ‘hood’) it was bound to be swallowed by the ‘profits over people’ motive that pervades our corporate sponsored culture these days.


Let Freedom Ring ~ there is a new sheriff in town now and they can’t see the woods for the trees = think weed fit in?

I’ll heading to funky town soon ~ and these folks from the ‘hood’ will be in my heart forever.




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