cLown cAR

   yard birds 1

Like co-eds in a phone booth swallowing gold fish ~ the evidence of 10 years of art projects/classes spewed into the yard.

 the jewes

Thanks to the cuzzin krew for manning the life boats ~ I’d still be bobbin for oysters without them.


yard 4

And thanks to you gentle readers ~ my advice is that all advice is suspect – which is to say I am certainly uncertain. That sound familiar?

So with a little help ingesting my ADMR of chaos ~ a few glimmers of something or ‘other’ came shining through

Count down to Santa Rosa = stay tuned.


6 responses to “cLown cAR

  1. Cool. It’s like re-living the creative moment… then throwing it away.

  2. waachew mean ‘away’ kimosabe?

  3. Thomas:I do notice that some peploe are natural bloggers. I would have to classify your blogging in that category. In my case I haven’t yet mastered getting my thoughts to the webspace. It’s not like writing a book.. and I remember not enjoying essay writing in school lolDawn:Thanks Sis.. I thought it was getting a bit dark and foreboding with that last blog design and as you know, I am neither

  4. a very curious thing Abdalhak ~ wood dent you say ?

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