Funky Town ~ thanks towlie

SA 3-18 023

How did a towel get to be a main character in a TV show? That’s funky-town for ya. The pallets are down next to the shed with the collapsed roof. I know ~ it seams kinda pathetic ~ and ina kindova way I agree. But hey beggars can’t be chosers ~ or can they?

SA 3-18 025

Even Squidward is a bit bummed but with a little help from the Idaho cousins the schlep is gettin’ a lot lighter and hey ~

SA 3-18 024

~ at least for now there is still pop-cycles to be had. Some how life goes on with in you and with out you.

Definitely on the move now with the target date to be all the way out N up in Santa Rosa still = 4/20. I’ll be shuffling around up N down the 101 quite a bit over the next two weeks while the cuzins izin town so ~  as soon as there is more shape to show-N-tell it’ll be happenin’ here


3 responses to “Funky Town ~ thanks towlie

  1. Are you saying you’re living under a bridge? Or in Jordan’s van?

  2. themeanderingmushroomman

    more in a van down by the river next to the fish market eating fish guts ~ for now

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