Here We Go

The Hood 020

It all started when the teaching job went south ~ then the other teaching job faded away ~ finally in Feb 2013 I got the noose = no more Mr Apt Manager = no job & no home as of 4/20 ~ interesting eh?

Well as you can imagine the scramble began all most E mediately. It is looking like at least for now there is a spot to land up in Santa Rosa and a job lined up for a month teaching summer school art in mid-June down in Larkspur. Between all the up and down it should be a spicy summer.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we’re trying to cook up a whole new virgin of reality. So far mostly dreams. My cousin Jordan arrives on Thurs with his partner Bridgette and between the 3 of us we’ll probably figure some things out.

Stay tuned ~ more noose to follow soon.


4 responses to “Here We Go

  1. Now you can do the Lone Ranger: “Tothedump, tothedump, tothedump,dump, dump!

  2. Go live with Jord at his house!

  3. you might be onto somethin there Ms Melissa

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