The Rotting Husks

Occasionally ~ and almost always without warning ~ something great happens and I often wonder how it could be that I am so surprised?

The Rotting Husks.


2 responses to “The Rotting Husks

  1. Rix’s chequebook was ever open for academies and charitable and cultural organizations. After heading a $25million campaign for Simon Fraser University’s Segal Graduate School of economic, he jokingly told megarealtor Grace Kwok he’d in addition have valued display suites: “Something to show people what I was selling them.”JOE SEGAL, 2005. The Kingswood Capital mogul paid $5 million for just a downtown bank temple that, with $3 million cash, became SFU’s bizschool. Although coveting its handless clock, he settled for six years as varsity chancellor.

  2. art is the intersection between reality and imagination ~ turns out commerce, or more specifically finance, is the same thing. Wish someone hadda toll me about that when I was just starting out ~ maybe I wooda bought me a bank too.

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