Itz bean a while my friends

here comes the sun peg

Miracle or scam? Free trials, said the spammer. The subject line reads = Fwd: answer.

It’s a meditation on death. WTF? you say and I couldn’t agree more. Have dreams never betrayed you? In the basement of my soul the truth is neither embraced nor rejected. Ace said his wish was to avoid glibness in his writing. I couldn’t agree more.

At the watering hole the animals gather, spreading their legs, stretching their necks in an act of corporeal supplication. I wish I could be more like them, but the invisible straight jacket of pride forbids. People scare me but what I fear most is not their selfish knives but my own. I can not tell the truth.

I do know how to love though, but there is nothing free about it. Find the darkest place in your heart and sit there, like a scavenger, hungry to pick over the bones.

This is not a love poem, but an invitation, to pretend.


6 responses to “Itz bean a while my friends

  1. Now wait a minute….is this your painting? Goodness, this is different from anything I have seen from you previously. So descriptive. Is this acrylic or oil pastels? Glad to see you are painting : ) I wish I could wrap my brain around painting too. Right now, I am just working each day and dealing with a teenager.

  2. were those flowers always in there?

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