Unkle Frank (no not THAT uncle frank) says: “It can’t happen here”

Greetings fellow fungal foragers ~ “Try Everything (except the slimy ones) that can be done. Try it in every possible way. Be deliberate. Be spontaneous . . . Learn your own possibilities.”  At least that’s what George Bellows had to say about it.bellows_stag_at_sharkeys_1909

yeah THAT George Bellows.


Those of you who go back a ways might remember something about art – that pisses you off – not that I am a moralist when it comes to art but with any luck ~ between the sacred and the profane (N thisuns got more than it’s fair share of the latter if you kin stomach it) ~ sum shite just aint right.

Anyways it’s 12.12.12 as a couple of friendly foragers happened to alert me too and between the bodhisattvas and the body count we probably won’t be gettin lost enough to find the stars for a while.

All hands on deck ! ! This is not a drill ~ 


4 responses to “Unkle Frank (no not THAT uncle frank) says: “It can’t happen here”

  1. and for those whose mushrooms tend not meander ~

    The Chapel at Pan Toll

    The Chapel at Pan Toll is an apparition
    standing on the mountainside
    briefly held in place by the acres of redwood roots
    that emerge from the mud.
    Cupid’s arrows half buried by the Graces.
    The intertwined limbs of ancient lovers,
    Venus and Mars
    wed in defiance of unattainable love,
    Echo and Narcissus
    now binding the steep ravine to the watershed
    with their earth bound embrace.
    The song of the giant’s pipes raising up
    long forgotten herds and flocks
    with the mushrooms from the duff
    to celebrate the joy of life
    without the pain of living.
    The blind Incan Christ
    liberated for a moment
    from the awful knowledge
    that forbidden fruit grows
    on both sides of the trail.
    The Chapel at Pan Toll
    cannot be found
    because it is not lost,
    but appearing breifly in the rain
    that comes after the Fall.

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