pumpin the pomplamoose

sew every once ina while seems like it’s a good idea to support some local (& not so local) artists.

like ~


this guy for example = he’s figgered out how to combine his love of the (remote) great outdoors with photo graphy.  He just posted this killer shot (in case ya missed it the first time) ~ they is a lot to like/say about this pic but eye will let the pixer due the tawkin fur now.

then there’s this guy

whom I wish (like me) had a better photographer but that aside eye wood say is severely under appreciated/utilized/exploited N since he’s been in cooped up mode lately deserves a shout out ~ !

and then they iz theze guys

while eye will adMITT they sometimes get a bit tacky with their wacky it always seems to work out in the end.

hope ya’ll spend a bit-o-time check themz out ~ and just for the hail ovit

try this



One response to “pumpin the pomplamoose

  1. we just lost a true American Genius

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