I kinda like this guy

since I M kindova weasel myself, tho I hate to adMITT it ~ but hey -waddya gonna due? If eye sees an opening I pretty much just jam rite thru it & axe questions later . . .

but since California is solid for the ‘O’ man I think eye just might go ahead and vote for these babes

especially since they got themselves arrested outside of Hofstra which in and of itself is no biggie since it is kindova ruff neighborhood from what I hear, but I gotta luv the spunk ~ plus they gotta rockin’ good platform.

N E ways when it comes to givin up some luv I really gotta go with this other guy ~ but he aint running so whomever it is that crosses the finish line in one peace I hope the god of us all (and I don’t mean money) blesses US all

cuz our fragile whirld needs US to be less needin’ and more givin’ ~ especially in the blessings department.

“Justice is what Love looks like in public”


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