we Have all Been here Before

Do not judge another until
You’ve walked a mile in their shoes.
Then when you judge them
They are a mile away with no shoes.

Ancient 21st Century Proverb

Shitte frickenze happens. More champagne my dear? There came a knock at the door and the old woman got up wondering for the night was now late and high king’s house was over a mile away on the far side of the great woods.

You’ve scene it all before ~ the star crossed lovers – the evil stepmother – somebody just tryin to figure out how to survive boarding school. How many cups of tea can one bladder hold?

It wood dent madder if no body gave a shit. Butt in the end nearly everybody does.


3 responses to “we Have all Been here Before

  1. badass princess

    El Duderino ROCKS!

  2. Oh poppycock! I love you!

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