what happened to US?



For example: “we” used to know things that apparently weave four got but mysteriously and also apparently we still know even though we forgot we did. Maybe this why it is possible for hue mans to fight to the death?

Not sure about that, but homicide is uniquely if only linguistically the product of human beans. OK so pretty much on the top of everyone’s Not To Do list is killin’ each other ~ even when it feels like a good idea. Well you can kinda explain the self-defense-going-to-war thing as a type of survival instinct. But then the rise of the selfish class (personally eye prefer shell fish) is not at all hard to observe these daze or even document if yer sew inclined.

But we got our selves so successful that we have gained the luxury, some say freedom, to consider our own self interests as a god given right by banding together and forming tribes and communities that worked cooperatively in the first place. Maybe we gotta get back to some more of that?


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