Eye Aint Dead Yet

OK ~ this one is going to be a bit wired – or weird – take your pick.

After a near fatal car crash (and by near I mean fractions of a second difference) where all parties involved escaped with nary a scratch ~ perspective is liable to shift.

I aint tawkin about appreciating life more an all that sorta stuff cuz I all red eye M working on that one in a 24/7 kinda way. What I hope two X press in this post is the fact that we’re all ways in a near death state of bean. In udder words life is fatal and often brutal and for reasons beyond the scope of reasonableness my life and the life of nearly everyone I know has been pretty smooth so far relatively speaking.

So ruff spots have bin the exception for most of us mostly. Would you call crumpled metal with no loss of life or limb a blessing? Well I wood. But I think my point is that this is the natural state of affairs all the time. Not the smooth part so much cuz that’s the weird wired part ~ but the tragic blessings part, the undeniably invisible part, the part that you wish were true but you’re sure aint true except for the part that seems truer than true no matter what we be leaf.

What am I trying to say hear? Hard to say exactly but I have this faint yet persistent awareness that there is somethin happening just below the surface of reality that is a lot realer than any of us can even imagine let alone speculate about. Still we gotta dream don’t we?


7 responses to “Eye Aint Dead Yet

  1. I am very glad that you are still alive and dreaming.

  2. yup ~ livin N dreamin = thatz jus watt us heu beings due eh? course ya gotta stay alive ta do dat

  3. there’s a thin line between blessing and horror that seems to (as I think you’re saying) engender humility, wonder and gratitude. We never ‘get’ the whole picture, but at times feel the gentle brush or the hurricane force of the seemingly infinite matrix of the universe-sound-light-display….glad you’re able to write about it now.

  4. the strangest thing is that it almost feels as if sum kinda karmic debt has been repaid.

  5. makes me wonder if i should take my toyota corrolla out for a test spin

  6. yeah, the problem is that we believe the dream… don’t we?

  7. they aint nothin else two bee leaf

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