Merry New Time Holy Daze

In the beginning of “A brief history of Time”, a film about the life and work of Steven Hawking, he asks that classic question that has plagued theoretical physicists for generations: Witch came first, the chicken or the egg? (see below)

Time relates to the speed of light through space according to all them smart guys like Al and Steve – so then how’d them Samoan’s “skip across the international dateline” without moving the whole darned island?

Somebody, one of them from the “they” camp, said there was some meaning in the Mayan calendar ending at the end of 2012 ~ or maybe the calendar maker just ran outov stuff to make calendars outov? Or maybe he just didn’t have the time to go any farther?

Personally I like the idea of just picking an arbitrary moment and sayin, “OK now everything is new” ~ it sorta seems like that fits reality better than a clock. Trouble is looks like our troubles are lookin mo in mo just like the same old ones ~ only worser

Hey ~ as far as I M corn sirned anytime can be champagne time . . . . so then about that chicken

The chicken and the egg where layin in bed one night. The egg was lazily smokin’ a cigarette while the chicken was lookin kinda uptight. The egg rolls over and says to the chicken ina kinda smokey voice, “Wuzzup baby?” and the chicken says, “Well I guess we know now who came first.”

Problem solved.


2 responses to “Merry New Time Holy Daze

  1. A couple of years ago, when once again, I was in no mood for this Xmas nonsense, I told the boyfriend that we were going to celebrate Xmas on January 2. I mean, what the hell, right? Still in the general neighborhood AND one could take advantage of post-Xmas sales. I thought it was a brilliant idea. And while he had little option but to agree to my idea, didn’t mean he didn’t pout on Xmas morning.

    So, while one can choose to celebrate whatever you choose, whenever, iffens you expect to have some company for your celebration, you better get some other damn fools to buy into the notion, ya know?

  2. too late LB ~ eye got the “other damn fool” market all sewed up.

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