Occupy the Central Channel

My Vajrayana friends will like that one. Trouble is this is where it gets tricky. Just because the whirld is falling apart doesn’t mean itza Kim Jung-Il kinda problem, necessarily.

“This world is on fire. It always has been. This does not mean the world is broken. It’s on fire because it’s dynamic and interconnected and on the move….. We can have the bigness to realize that we don’t know. This is not ignorance, but deep wisdom and intelligence. Our ability to bear witness is in discovering that we can bear the infinite ambiguity of the world.”

So what if “we” start chuckin summa them nukes around? You know “we” wanna ~ and we’re scared shitless at the same time. Talk about ambiguity! Nice deterrent ya got there Bosco.

And then there’s this guy with his Velvet Revolution = “Truth and Love will Prevail over Lies and Hate” ~ even this other guy agrees ~ kinda.

Now where does all this leave us? If ya see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, break out the marshmellows? Get in on sum good investment deals with beach front property in Colorado? Move to a secure bunker in an undisclosed location?

We aint just playin with fire ~ we are made of fire. Every atom in our bodies was once insided a star. So maybe we are all just getting ready to ship ourselves back home special delivery. Either way it’s all bin one hellova a show. Nice planet while it lasted ~ and I for won wood not have wanna missed it.


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