de Kooning is dakine ~ almost

Art is firkin weird. Alotta mew See ums don’t know nothing about it. I know that makes me sound like a pretentious asshole butt thatz not only because I am won ~ I also see what painters are thinking cuz I am wonna them too = am I being redundant?

SFMOMA for example is tight and precious ~ really fun on the outside and the light bridge on the top floor rocks. But except for when they trot out a Robert Irwin disc painting (the artist not the gator rassler – ya gotta C it 2 B leaf it) or somethin, that building is a lousy place to sea art =  wonov the worst $80 million mistakes the Art Whirld ever made.

MOMA (the real one in NYC) is just the opposite. Invisible from the outside and positively mind blowing on the in. So it was the perfect setting to view a retrospective from a Great 20th Century Master Superstar: Wilhelm de Kooning. And man did he piss me off.

O yeah ~ you’d have to bee a hole new level of ass not to be jealous = just check this shit out.

This fucker could draw like nobody and paint like a daemon and all his stuff is gorgeous ~ but just put me in there with all that paint for a year and I could do some rockin stuff too. But I digress.

It kinda took me a while to sort out my problem aside from the jealousy (like a 20 min de Kom press shun in fronta the waterlillies) but in the end it came down to this = IMO he was pound for pound more talented than any of his generation, he could have been better than the best of the best but he was sleep walking through most of his paintings (kinda like this but not).

The drawings are phenomenal so don’t get me wrong this fucker was GREAT ! !
but as a painter he stopped at pretty way too often when he could have ripped a hole in the universe, turned it inside out and showed us the other side of truth. (this won here gets pretty damn close tho)  So, I guess all I am saying is that with all that talent and potential, as an artist, pretty just aint good enough.


2 responses to “de Kooning is dakine ~ almost

  1. yeah I know ~ I just hadda get this out there

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