Occupy Reality

Funny thing is, with over 7 billion served and counting you’d think weed half figgered it out by now ~ sustainability that is. Maybe it’s just the aggressive nature of sperm. Or maybe we still have a shot at realizing the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Or maybe it is going to take a few more vets getting shot in the head with teargas canisters by officers of the piece. Or maybe the ‘real’ shit aint even hit the fan yet ? ?

I always liked the concept of “Enlightened Self Interest” without ever really knowing what that is. Whatever it is, seems like it’s in short supply all over the place. In other words there’s a whole lot of that not going on. Or maybe George Carlin was right and the earth is just gonna shake us off like a bad case of fleas. Anybody else feeling itchy theze daze?

Anyways ~ I kinda like they way this guy is scratchinit. (be sure to turn on subtitles)


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