from shite to shy nola

Seams like sum body got they panties ina bunch.  A friend of mine got this pussy rant about the Occupy Wall Streeters (by Lawrence aka Larry Meyers who ya think wood be smart enuff to be able to tell the difference between his ass and his elbow) originally sent out by suma his parents friends ~ 6 degrees of separation ~ on wonna them email foward bits that people who don’t like to think send to their friends and children etc (not my friend’s parents tho they kool ~ just wanted to get his take onit).

Below is my response ~ if ya really wanna track down the orignal hair it is  = check it b4 U reckit


Don’t worry kids ~ your parents are not as dumb as they look. They are just getting old and it is scaring the piss out of them. They are losing their hair. They are losing their teeth. And now they think you are trying to take away the last thing that they have left: the belief that corporations are people. You see many old people like your parents got to be old because of the efficiency, kindness and compassion of corporations that often provided good wages, health care, and you’ll never believe this one, PENSIONS. Yes the kind and loving corporations used to pay people like your parents NOT to work. Why? It was a trade off. You may have heard fables about this as small children. It was fondly known as The American Dream. Here’s how it used to work.

In the Dreamy Days of America’s not so distant past, Unions, that used to represent labor, and Corporations, that still represent capital interests (pun intended), used to negotiate for better working conditions (which also contributed to higher productivity) like a 40 hour work week with extra pay for overtime. I know this sounds unbelievable but wait ~ it gets better. The benevolent corporations saw that compensation would increase even more, along with profits, if benefits like heath care and pensions were put in place INSTEAD of paying higher wages.

You see this way the corporations could keep costs down now, by keeping wages low, in exchange for greater benefits that would be deferred to the future. And the future could be a long way off, even as far into the future as retirement, when profits would be even higher and so less costly to the corporation’s most dearly held objective: increasing the bottom line. It was a Dreamy situation: everyone won. (nice alliteration there eh kids?)

[important note: when life expectancy was lower a sizeable number of workers died before a large part of their pensions ever needed to be paid out thereby further adding to profitability {also health care & pension funds were not considered a taxable asset to providers – taxes were only paid by beneficiaries} but one largely unforeseen consequence of all this was that with affordable health care, and a higher standard of living came higher average life spans. And this added to a higher cost of managing these benefits = oops]

So you see, a big part of the Dream is that corporations are people, just like you and me. And so if these large and powerful people are really just like you and me, then they must love us and have our best interests (no pun intended) at heart, right? I love people. You love people. So corporations must love people too. And here is the really tricky part. We all believed that it would just keep going on and on like this forever.

But then the corporations (remember when CC stood for Compassionate Conservatism and not Corporate Constipation?) realized that they could make even higher profits by moving their money to off-shore bank accounts and so avoid paying taxes, and their production to other countries. And how can you blame them? Why expand my factory in Detroit for $500 million when I can build a whole new factory in Mexico for $500 thousand AND hire workers with no rights at a fraction of the cost? And why pay taxes? More profits are good for everyone, right?

And for a while it was. But then the corporations saw that they could increase profits even more by closing their factories in America completely, and through the magic of leveraged buyouts, sell their companies to each other and loot those lucrative pension funds that rightfully belonged to the workers who were now powerless and without jobs. So now you can see another reason why it was called The American Dream: because you’d have to be asleep to believe it!

So you see? You know how grumpy you feel sometimes when the alarm goes off in the morning, right? Well the alarm is going off in the entire world that your parents thought was beautiful and built to last forever and that in the end they would hand off to you in better shape than they found it. But now you can see this is just a Dream. So be good children now and clean up this mess quietly please ~ and try not to wake up your parents. They worked hard their whole lives. Now don’t you think they deserve to rest in peace?


5 responses to “from shite to shy nola

  1. eye only hope we occupy sympathizers understand wear we all are heading ~ now with 7 billion plus and counting if everybody wants in on the Dream like the stat chew of liberty says, it could become the amerikin night mare real soon.

  2. just to be clear er about that ~ it aint an immigration thing but a unsustainable use of resources thang.

  3. I love this line The American Dream- you have to be asleep to believe it…I need a bumper sticker!!

  4. crankem up = Muist Be Present To Win

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