slap some sauce on dat

Normally I avoid the news ~ generally I feels like eye gots all the problems eye needs all red eye BUTT today I took a look at a local paper and for sum raison in the “noose around the whirld” section I landed on this blurb about Syria and how they continue to be rippinit up out there smack in the middle of the cradle of civil eyed hue manity so to speak.

“What the fuck!” doesn’t quite sum up the baseball bat between the eye balls feeling I was having at that moment. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just have a hard time fittin’ in with expectations including my own. Or maybe there is something going on that I oughta be payin’ more attention to? ~ but as of now have no idea how to go about figuring out just what the hell that might be ? ? ? ? ~ so as I say = WTF ?

maybe this is what friends are for? or mind altering substances ? or both ? ? ?


2 responses to “slap some sauce on dat

  1. Ain’t no reconciling that!

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