who let the crazy out ?

tea bag logic

eye M fully qualified to pose such a question since as it turns out ~ I AM completely nutz ! ~ but sum stuff just de fries description. If ya aint heard lately they has bin a bit-o-excitement round these parts.  Here’s a sample  +~+

normally eye don’t like to criticize my fellow hue beings but if you are too stupid to successfully attempt something dangerous = Don’t Dew IT  ! ! ! unless:  a) you are the only one who might get hurt and/or b) there is not a line forming sum wears near the vicinity of y0ur ass comprised of morons who may or may not be as dumb as you ready to step in and take over should your project result in your swift demise.

Thank you very much


4 responses to “who let the crazy out ?

  1. I have to admit I kind held my breath thinking it might have been you playing with a new art toy. T’is a pity you can’t run a stupidity check on someone before you rent to them.

  2. trouble is with these guyz the stupid showed up years after. dunno how you regulate that ~ ? btw while it is true that I could be involved with sum thin as stupid as this – eye prolly wood dent be the guy to start it.

  3. Quite the overkill. Like cutting butter with a chainsaw. I don’t understand how it resulted in such a huge explosion. I’d like to know, just so I don’t make the same mistake. I’ve been known to be heavy handed at times.

  4. Oh that’s E Z = step 1 ~ don’t be an idiot; step 2 ~ don’t act like an idiot especially if you are not one; step 3 ~ make a firm decision not to use or store explosive gasses in your living environment = S PESH LY if you and your neighbor share common walls.

    yup that shud pruty much cover ya ~

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