a ladle bit mo

been over a week since we folded up the tents at art camp 2011.  seems as tho the first thing I needed to do when eye got back was clean out the studio and make more space. guess it’s kinda like Dick O’Hanlon told me way back in the 70’s = “artists have the same characteristics as gasses ~ we both fill the shape of our containers” Whale, after Art Camp 2011 space is the place and just so ya know I aint kiddin around here za couple more tastes of things to come:

herez how the over-spray panel worked out ~ we all liked it

flamin jesus from the back

a closer-in shot of the flyin flamin pig

and a sweet detail

Soon as I figger out how to deal with reality they’ll be some juicy vids too.


2 responses to “a ladle bit mo

  1. Reel nize stough!

  2. Late for Breakfast

    keep it comin!

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