they say it’s the little things that count

Feelings are experience ~ or more pacifically = how we experience what we perceive. if we have no feelings about a thing one weigh oar an udder (neutral that is) then we are unconcerned uninvolved andor disconnected from it. But hears the trouble: mostly we live our lives that way until sum thin looks real eye good or dangerous ~ then we pay weigh more attention to it and usually a lot, like weed pay ANYTHING to get a hold of it or just to make it go away.

Sew eye M wondering ?~? watt if we paid attention to everything with an equal amount intensity, or put another way, equal curiosity?  Wood we just get overwhelmed lost or corn fused? Whale eye bin dewin some (un-scientific) research in this area and I can report as of now (insert date here) that the experience is positively juicy and alive ~ not easy to sustain tho due to lack of familiarity.

But like any skill ~ maybe we suck at first but over time we (and by we I mean me) start to notice little things like subtle nuances that in the end make all the difference in the world. And at this point then everything seems worthy of wonder. And like the lady says ~ true peace is abiding in wonderment


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