follow the money honey

when “public goods” turns into public “meh ~ ”
hey – looks like a good place for a casino to me

I thought this was a very succinct summation (sadly) of the track we’re on ~ you say you wanna revolution baby? you know we all wanna change the world.

“The chart is telling. (check the 2:50 mark) Part of the story behind Clinton, of course, was a booming economy. With a depressed economy, people who are working are in a different mood. They feel they’re holding on for dear life. But there’s more: Many don’t hold the view that there but for the grace of god go I…but rather, those people suffering have no one but themselves to blame and are morally undeserving of help. Why should EYE pay for YOUR health care or anything else? Why aren’t you pulling your weight? It’s not logic; it’s a mindset. A gestalt. I got mine: whatsamatter you?

And the worse things get, the worser they will get. Government becomes enfeebled, which “supports” the conclusion that government, by its nature, is feeble. So you have calls to sell of its assets to the private sector which, by definition, will “do it” better. The rich aren’t worried about this because they don’t need the government as much as others. They have the money to opt out. This is the gated community mentality.

Meanwhile, they hold out the idea that others can follow in their footsteps if only they would get smart.

But at some point, very low down, the rich will be impacted by their decision to neglect the public square. By then, though, we’ll be in the drink.”

drink up amerika ~ btw there’s plenty of fresh tea be-in served up in DC right now ~ hurry while supplies last.


2 responses to “follow the money honey

  1. It sucks, don’t it? But, the whole part that always confuses me, is how people who are struggling vote against what is in their best interest? Is it some kind of weird wish to be able to relate to the wealthy. “If I vote for stuff that will help the rich people, then maybe I’ll get rich too.” Or do those with the money and the power manipulate the poor and tap into their anger and frustration and redirect it towards another vulnerable group. Divide and conquer.

    I dunno. It’s all too depressing and confusing. I think I’ll go eat some junk food and watch junk TV and make myself stupid so I don’t notice that we’re all sittin’ in a handbasket heading in a downward direction.

  2. yeah LB ~ N the further down we go the E Z er it’ll be to toast marsh mellows. when life gives U lemons – get outov the kitchen

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