very A shuns on a theme


itz all most like, no scratch that, it’s exactly like (if something is exactly like do you still need the ‘like’) there is so much static in the attic theze daze gettin a clear signal is damn near implausible. Evidently they just made a movie about this  ?  Any ways ~ if yer payin attention the poor old whirld is gettin a bit shakey lately. Acutually it aint so much the world as it’s the hue mens ~ thatz what the trouble is.

Which brings me back to the “static in the attic” bizzyness. I remember when rockin out was a political statement, for example. Or having the feeling that “we” (and we all knew who “we” were) could change things through mass action or just the plain force of our collective imaginations. Apparently them was all fantasies, or passing fancies and now the baser elements of hue man nature is on the rise & the rest ovus just gotta strap in cuz we’re gowin on the ride weather we like it or not.

Speakin of weather . . . .


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