ya never really know

like when someone gets red eye to O D on her meds ~ that wasn’t on my calendar. And the kids are with the old man at grampa’s cuz itz just too wacko everywhere else. Ya never really know what the best thing is. So this is the kinda stuff what gets me more & more interested in magic.

I don’t mean the Las Vegas stuff or believin in things that are impossible. What I am curious about is how we end up sooner or later in situations like this without any way of really knowing exactly what really is the best thing to do.

Up till now I’ve been satisfied just blowin holes in the fence and drawin bulls eyes around em. Ya know that random acts of blindness typa thing. I always just supposed it was the best any of us could really do. But I am beginning to question all that ina kindov itchy way these daze.

Them science guys are starting to document it pretty good that matter, at least on the sub atomic level, responds to the observer. So this would indicate, at least theoretically, that we have the potential to move stuff around with our minds. But that is still in the “impossible” category ~ or at least in the why bother category ~ unless ya just got all settled in with yer snacks and stuff and the remote is just outta reach and so ya think how nice it would be ifya could just suck it into yer hand all Luke Skywalker style or sum thin ~ but I digress.

What I am curious about is how sometimes, without knowing anything about it, we can find ourselves being exactly the right person in the right place at the right time. And wouldn’t it be magic to have that feeling all the time even if you still had no idea what the right thing really was?


12 responses to “ya never really know

  1. Cool blog! Keep writing : ) brenda

  2. okee dokey ~ thanx for the encouragement

  3. Sounds like you’re itchin’ to become a Buddha. You know, the whole being able to give living beings exactly what they need at exactly the right time? The whole omniscience deal? I don’t think that’s like a light switch where it’s either on or off. I think as our practice deepens we can start to manifest some of those cool Buddha qualities we think only exist in books or perhaps old Tibetan dudes.

  4. whale I know watt yer sayin LB since I mostly feel like that myself, like me N omniscience have about as much in common as bowling balls and porky pines ~ but then haven’t you had them moments (not like everything just falls into place like only getting green lights on the way to work) like that subway guy, you know the one?

    After coming through his own near death experience he figgered there must be some future purpose that god was saving him for (not my view but hey whatever works) and when that guy he saved fell off the platform his first thought was “this is it”.

    so not like that dramatic and all but havin that same sense ~ maybe only in retrospect ~ that something was called up so to speak that kinda puts your whole life in perspective – like that light switch did get flipped on even if only for a moment or two?

  5. late for breakfast

    nice..what if we are always the “right person” at the “right time”, but just not always feeling like it?

  6. yeah ~ I think that’s right = but feelin it makes it better and I think somehow allows for ya to be more present and/or effective ~ kinda like that guy Jake, seams like he was feelin it.

  7. late for breakfast

    Cowboys & Aliens Jake? I think he was trying to get a grip…so he just let ‘er rip!

  8. I’m lovin the paintings. And good thing the artist is incomprehensible. It adds value to the work, because we know he’s driving himself either crazy or into serious redemptive dream-time. [another word for enlightenment?] Whichever, we like art because it’s another way of seeing, and it startles me into that ‘other’ way of seeing which challenges the ‘ole’ way of seeing. And if seeing changes, what does that say about ‘believing’? All the better if the new seeing is backed up by another way of thinking/feeling. If in doubt, just shake it up!

  9. thatz sum my tea juicy stuff there mr manifestorr ~ gonna take a while two die jest that ~ thanks for watching

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