more things you wish you never knew again

I bin posting comments on amazon relating to a book a friend of mine wrote a coupla years back. The posts have been pretty dormant for a while now, but there wuz a whole lotta brew ha ha at first.  recently sum thin popped up there and a fairly interesting discussion, revolving more or less around the power of belief and how best to evaluate it, ensued.

within all this came this quote from one of the recent posting: ” . . I have transcended my buddhist background of 47 years, with its emphasis on compassionate care, to the more vital care for the evolution of consciousness and concern for the planet. . . ”

Wow ~ I mean there’s more ~ but how do you even begin to unpack something like this?

If you follow the link above it will take you to the postings ~ page 3 will getcha all caught up mostly. The essence of it from my perspective is: what is a rational response to faith?

There’s a whole lotta fowks pushin spiritual ideals theze daze and my friend’s book focuses on wonna these types in particular. But what tweaks my wheaties is the broader question concerning the interplay between belief, faith, and self awareness.

What is it about human beans that we tend to want to be “saved” ~ like a get out of jail free card in monopoly (always my favorite)? Whether it’s Jesus or the latest snake oil salesmen if it’s too good to be true, but it looks good enough to chew on, we order up the whole meal including dessert more often than not even if we gotta take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

Anyways itz a big open field to romp around in sew eye’ll letter go for now. Anybody with 2 cents is more than welcome to drop em in here.


8 responses to “more things you wish you never knew again

  1. For Snakeoi’l, this is a great label. Looks great, and I can always trust you to come up with more questions than answers. More satisfying, and less filling! Keep it up. Love the Goombah man.

  2. In some ways I think it’s rather simple: people aren’t too terribly fond of suffering. And after folks have exhausted all the conventional methods of distracting oneself – shopping, food, sex, intoxicants, etc – they start turning to “experts” to fix the “problem” of their suffering. Therapists, self-help experts, priests and gurus are all in the business of “fixing” our suffering. Whether its karma that determines if we end up on the therapists couch or at the guru’s feet, or if it’s whoever reminds us of mommy or daddy, I think most have a come to Jesus moment when they realize that they need help finding some relief.

  3. yeah I guess that makes alotta cents LB ~ I guess eyem relatively perplexed on how we (and by we eye mean me) can so ready lie ditch integrity for the promise of a buzz ~ or protection from some pain ?

    Funny I was just thinkin about the Spanish Inquisition this morning = talk about a come to jesus moment ! These things always end up in the lap of groups like the Catholics or the Nazis ~ like it could never happen without some sinister org puttin it all together. But it just seems like bizzness as usual and for some raison that just seems strange.

  4. Always good to put Catholics and Nazis together in the same sentence. Keep it up MMM!

  5. themeanderingmushroomman

    we all do what we can

  6. themeanderingmushroomman

    ya know LB ~ eye M thinkin that there’s something here too about not believing everything you think? Kinda like loosening our grip on real alley tea just enough to share a few sips with suma the locals & sea watt kinda tasty brews they mite they mite have on tap ? I dunno ~ gotta cogitate onit sum more.

  7. I dunno. The whole blind faith thing lacks a whole lot of thinking. It just feeeeeeeeeels so good, so right. Logic? I don’t need your stinkin’ logic. But, logical thinking can only get you so far too. It doesn’t take into account those vagaries of the soul, and all those things not yet understood. For me the whole faith thing entails a logical decision to suspend logic. The proverbial leap of faith. But, I like to attach myself to a bungee cord before I go leaping. Always good to be able to bounce back up before you smash your noggin on the rocks.

  8. logic is necessary but not sufficient ? ~ “a logical decision to suspend logic” yeah eye like that ~ but then logic is suspended like on that bungee cord (held above not thrown out the window). And ya gotta test them bungees right? not like that guy who jumped off the 70′ bridge with a 75 foot cord.

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