I dunno how about U ?

These certainly are uncertain times ~ we can be certain of that. maybe we crave certainty because we want to be certain of the things we depend on ~ or maybe we create the illusion of certainty to shield us from the unpredictable nature of nature?
I am certain that everyone will stop at stop lights, not cut in line, use prepositions correctly. I am certain that the ground beneath my feet is solid even tho I live in EaRtHqUaKe country. Certainty certainly seems like a grand illusion now doesn’t it ? ~ yet how can we live without it?
“ah there’s the rub” like our favorite psycho prince says. After I check my remarkably accurate 10 day weather forecast I start my day and start my car.  But if the weather poops out 5 days hence I think, “well the weather is pretty unpredictable ya know” but if my car doesn’t start that morning then, “well . . .

we live in a continuum of nature that has no beginning (unless yer a religious type or a big banger) and no end tho we ~ us hue beans that is ~ do. unkle george says: “someday the earth will just shake us off like a bad case of fleas” and at the rate we’re going it’s certainly hard not to see how he’s not right. But the earth, and whatever comes after, will just keep rollin along no madder watt we due ~ we can be certain of that.


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