>connect with your inner landscape

Mismatched vacation pictures intermingled with old letters and restaurant menus with a sprinkle of distant camping trips and family fights thrown in for color. It is more than our view of the world but a skillfully crafted hodgepodge of sensory impressions along with memories and our thoughts and feelings that arise from all of it. This is our inner landscape.
Intriguing, or as the Germans say (at least the ones that eye know), making more curious. Until we have explored a few of the darker nooks and crannies of our personal inner landscape we are hopeless to roam the fields of another. This is why we need to first connect with our own inner landscape in all its seasonal breath taking beauty and the parched heat waves of drought, the sudden terror of floods, or the laconic blessing of our own boredom.
Now is not the time for passivity. Now is the time to go deep and make connections ~ while we still have the chance.

4 responses to “>connect with your inner landscape

  1. >I love this picture. Did you paint it? What do you mean when you say, "we are hopeless to roam the fields of another"? Just curious…. good stuff.

  2. >the pic is by wonnov my partners in grime. it sorta fit the inner landscape idea. hopeless to roam the fields of another . . . we all know we can't connect with other's when are disconnected from ourselves. but what I am trying to get at eye think is more about the adventure of being and how the whirld each of us lives in is actually living inside us.

  3. >Your prose here shur is purty. I've been spending a lot of time wandering around my inner landscape – sometimes it ain't so purty. But, it's good to sometimes peek into those dark corners and realize that the only thing hiding in there is just a rubber snake.

  4. >yes we must learn to make friends with our inner rubber snake

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