“Hot enough for ya?” There are places I’ve bin where fowks just thinks it’s plain strange to be talkin about the weather. I get the whole bit about bein’ a conversation starter common experience etc but that has got to be wonna my least favorite questions.

How about a few of these as delightfully fresh alternatives: “Pavement hard enough for ya?”; “Man is sure is 2:37 right now aintit?”; “Dude, got any diction or grooming tips?”; “You know any wacky seamstresses?” Itid get my day started like good cuppa coffee.

The other won thatz givin my some challenges lately is the old stand by: “How are you?” again ~ i get the whole let’s have a polite interaction at the cash register thing ~ but for some reason i now find myself taking it personally. I know no body wants a complete inventory, ya know like when somebody says “How are things?” and i say i dunno cuz i haven’t finished checking it all yet. But now I just get all perpendicular on it and so some how it seems like I oughta be more sincere.

Just the other day I remembered this nugget from my mom: “Better than I was, and not as good as I will be.”  I really liked this won when she told me but then I kinda for got aboudit tillit recently got rattled up from the basement of my brain. I’ve tried it a few times over the last coupla daze. gonna keep trottin it out for awhile but i suspect I’ll soon be gowin back to my old standard non-sect quitter mixed metaphors. Have a nice day.


One response to “>firecracker

  1. yeah ~ it was my tea hot a few weeks back ~ now itz just plain gorgeous

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