makin yer mark

There’s this friend of mine who, btw, is almost as crazy as me (as most of my friends are ~ but like THEY say  ~ I take the cake <chocolate please>) and she started this project called Art2Heart which involved bringing art from artists in the good ole USofA to developing countries along with a bunch of easy to transport materials. Then she’d get the kids in these remote areas to make some art and send it back to us. This photo is one she took on wonov her trips.

The idea as I stood under it was to get a kindov art pen pal thing going and so maybe there’d be a way to keep these kids in art materials ona sort of ongoing bases ~ and then after that who nose what might happen.

Anyways, when I was in Nepal in 1979 there were two things the kids there then always wanted (I imagine it’s all different now) besides “one rupee please” ~ and that was paper and pens. I remember watching young kids scratching in the dirt or rubbing rocks on flagstones just trying to make a mark and all this made me think of graffiti. It’s as if there is an innate human necessity to “make our mark” on the whirld (like that movie sally fields was in).

But that’s not what I was goin for with this pic. I recently came across some kindov NPRish type story about people raising their kids in a “gender neutral way” like letting them decide for themselves if it was time to play with dolls or trucks and how there was all this brew HA HA about messin the kids up and societal norms and all the stuff that generally gets some fowks really twisted up in their knickers.

And then I came across this image from my friends flikr account and it made me wonder ~ do these kids look confused or abused ? ? And I betchya no body kin tell which is the girl and which is the boy.


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