>crazy is as crazy does

>Ever wonder what makes people so crazy? Maybe it’s climate change + the economy + too many of us driving + reality TV but it seems to me these are all symptoms ~ or ~ signs of the times.

Personally I think there is a certain quota of “crazy” for each of us and while no body was lookin a few itchy types got together so they could put all their crazy in a big pile thinkin that this way they’d be done with it.

Only that crazy shite’s slippery as fu<k so it all ends up sliddin down hill – and now it’s just gettin all over everybody.


3 responses to “>crazy is as crazy does

  1. >for some the trip has been worth it ~ for others it is yet to begin

  2. >Can you please explain any significance to your wacky spelling practice?thnxnice blog!

  3. >sure ~ kinda like omg lol lmfao etc ~ plus things is getting mo N mo fo net tic (phonetic) as time goes along english wise. sew I am just trying to help that all along.in addition I find sum times the ambiguities of how certain spellings can be used allows for double (or even a tripple) entendre (more than one meaning)eye know sum times it makes things hard to read but the intention is not simply to be annoying = thanks for asking

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